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Owners Information

Miss Dionne Knight

Billericay, Essex , England.

07968 201 668 /  honeyshounds@yahoo.co.uk

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To arrange a visit or book an appointment please contact

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How To find Us

Honey’s Hound’s is situated just out side the town of Basildon, with easy access from both the A13 and A127



My Sally is an unregistered beagle that I adopted in 2010, she is a fantastic dog and most of the time a real pleasure to own lol.

Sally is a bit of a jack of all trades as she will turn her paw to anything I ask her to do, she is great fun and a fantastic yard dog with the horses.

I have tried a bit of agility with Sally and she loves it so its definitely something that I would like to do more of with her, I think she would really enjoy the type of agility class I did with Piper.